Ways To Become A Hated Wedding Videographer

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Whether you are starting out or a seasoned wedding videographer there are many ways to throw people’s noses out of joint. Many horror stories that I’m sure you have heard of especially those stories between the photographer and videographer. There is just one simple rule to follow and is easy to remember, its “Common Courtesy”… That’s it, simple, easy with no fuss. If everyone followed this it would be a perfect world!

But of course common courtesy doesn’t exist and there are always people only vested in their own interest and not how it effects others.

All of the below points reflect this term, ‘common courtesy’

Don’t stand in front or behind the subject being photographed by the photographer…This one is simple to accept and surely as you wouldn’t want the photographer standing in front of your shot, you should pay the same respect.

Don’t disrespect the couple and their family… You need to have fun on the day but don’t use insensitive humour to attract the wrong attention. Remember the day isn’t about you, any interaction with the couple, bridal party and family is all accepted, but keep it clean and above-board.

Respect the photographers requirements… As wedding videographers we always work with a photographer however, remember a majority of weddings don’t actually hire a videographer and so many photographers have the couple to themselves without interruption. It’s good practice to introduce yourself to the photographer prior to or on first meeting. Discuss your shooting styles and inform them of any requirements you may have for the day. They may reciprocate and instruct you of certain requirements they expect. Remember ‘Common Courtesy’

Keep noise and movement at a minimum during the ceremony… The last thing you would want is for the priest to stop the ceremony because you are interrupting their service. Again, it’s pretty simple, just be respectful

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Dress appropriately… You are at a wedding and not your mates 21st birthday party so dress appropriately. We are noticing more and more videographers are forgoing the smart formal dress for casual jeans and a tee-shirt. Sorry but you will stand out like the proverbial if you choose to not blend in with the guests. Jeans and tees are not appropriate formal wedding wear.

No arguing or screaming at your assistant… keep the battles for the car and DONT argue or scream at your assistant whilst guests or the couple are within visual and audible range.

Follow the clients requirements… We’ve all  been asked to capture certain part of the day that the couple have insisted on. It is a no brainer and if you refuse because its below your standard then that is an easy way of becoming that hated videographer.

If they book you then they expect you on the day… We’ve heard stories of studios sending newbies out to fill in and capture the day. Unless there is a genuine reason for not being there, this would be one sure way of being on the hate list and possibly ruining the couple’s wedding day. If they booked John Smith then they expect John Smith and not Joe Blow.

Don’t be late… You may have filmed 5, 50 or 500 weddings, remember this is an important day for the couple and the majority of couples would be very anxious. Regardless of how many you have filmed the couple want you to be there on time.

Hit on the bridesmaids… As the saying suggests.. ‘never mix business with pleasure’. I’m not here to judge but it would seem a little unprofessional

Ultimately as a paid professional we have due diligence in providing a service that is appropriate and acceptable without discrimination. We want what’s best for the couple and ensuring that as wedding videographers we capture their wedding day with respect.