Social Media And Wedding Etiquette

Social Media has had an amazing impact on our lives, we can now capture photos, and video of major life events and upload them to the internet within minutes.  Most of us would agree it is fantastic that we are able to share these moments with all our contacts at a click of a button, however when you are a guest at someone’s wedding it may pay to show respect and simple wedding etiquette would suggest to think before you post.

A wedding day is sacred and it belongs solely to the Bride and Groom.  I don’t know how many weddings I have been to lately where the first photos I have seen posted on Facebook have been friends tagging the couple in Facebook posts before the couple have even made it out of the church.  We are so eager to share these moments that we sometime forget to think about what the Bride and Groom might want.

Some couples may prefer their first wedding photos on their Facebook page to be ones they have posted themselves.

If you are close to the couple often you will already know what their preference would be.  However a good rule is if you are not sure, wait until the couple has posted something themselves before you plaster your photos all over your page.  Many couples nowadays may not care, and indeed we have filmed weddings where the priest has paused the ceremony after the couple had said their vows so that the groom could update his Facebook Status to Married.

Another point to mention whilst we are discussing Social Media, is always remember that the Bride and Groom have paid professionals to film and photograph their wedding.  Be mindful that in your desire to get your perfect shot that you don’t end up ruining theirs.  I don’t think the couple will be thrilled when looking through their proofs if you are in majority of their professional shots.

The last point I will mention is remember where you are and what a special occasion you are at.  It is probably a good idea to put the smart phone away, relax and enjoy yourself.  The couple have invited you to enjoy their day with them, your Facebook New feeds, Tweets and emails can probably wait for tomorrow.