Investing In Your Wedding Memories For Prosperity

What would you pay if you could jump back in time and hire a wedding videographer to produce your grandparents wedding video. What would that be worth to you right now? To see your grandparents, to whom you owe your life to. To see them on their most happiest day with their family and your Great Grandparents. Would that be amazing to see? This new world of smart phones has allowed us like never before, to record the simplest and memorable moments from our lives. Key milestones are no different, from your 18th, 21st birthdays, Christmas, mums 50th to your wedding day, all these special moments normally get recorded for a reason. Why do we take photos and videos of these events?

When we stumble upon old photos and video from our childhood we get a sense of euphoria, excited to relive those moments that we had forgotten. We travel through life day by day and often live in the moment without dwelling on the past and looking at the foreseeable future. We film and photograph our travels because we want to remember them once more, when life moves forward and our memories dwindle. Without forethought, you are actually investing in your memories so you can relive those precious moments once more. Getting married is one of life’s great moments and is a big turning point to the rest of your life. Investing in your wedding memories should be a high priority in ensuring longevity of your lives through your children and your grandchildren.

investing in your memoriesWedding Investment

So you’re getting married and organising all the purchases from the beautiful dress, the flowers the reception venue, the awesome cars you’ve hired and all those little things you’ve organised.

What you have actually done is invested into what will be an amazing day, your wedding! And it will be amazing because all those vendors and details culminate to make your day memorable.

There is that magical word “memorable”. As much as we want the day to be spectacular we also want to remember it in the future. As time goes on and the distant memories of your wedding day dwindles, all that effort of a spectacular day will also diminish. Thankfully there are professional videographers who can record your wedding day for prosperity.

The Investment

After investing so much time and money into your wedding day, couples forget that the most important investment is your memories. We tend to live in the now and not worry about the future but hindsight is a beautiful thing. Regretfully couples who opt out of recording their wedding day will never have the chance to ever again. The decision is often based on budget restraints or lack of forethought. We hear it time and time again when we post our clips and our clients friends often mention how beautiful and memorable their video is and how they wish they had such a wonderful keepsake for their children. Well unfortunately and regretfully they wont have it to show their children or grandchildren. As time moves on they will forget the details of their wedding and how Grand Dad looked and the tears from Mum’s eyes as your Dad gave you away.

So as you can see the biggest investment you can make for your wedding day is to actually invest in your memories. A quality wedding video is often the last thing the bride and groom think about even after spending the world on their wedding celebration. Don’t think of the now but think of your future children and their children. Reliving the happiness you had on your wedding day with their father and grandfather. A legacy to which time will never destroy but locked for prosperity.

Just for the record, hiring a photographer is only half of the answer. This traditional way of capturing the wedding day is still the preferred way for most couples but unfortunately photos don’t talk to you. In this ever increasing world of video media like YouTube and the like, we are constantly bombarded with video and stories that unfold in our lives. Hiring a quality wedding videography studio will ensure that those special audio moments are recorded for prosperity. Not just that, but these days wedding films are an excellent way of capturing your day’s emotional content and especially the way in which the story of the couple is told with the use of audio snippets.

So as you can see, when you hire a quality wedding videographer who records your day visually but more importantly, records the sounds and audio from your day, you are helping to invest your money in capturing your’s, your children and their children’s memories.