How Allure Productions Records Your Wedding Ceremony

Ultimately your commitment to each other is conducted at your wedding ceremony, hence the importance of recording it in a professional manner for prosperity.

Wedding Ceremony Sample

Below is a sample video  of a ceremony captured using multiple cameras from different angles. The Video will showcase  how the extra cameras and audio sources can produce a wonderful looking and sounding memory of your ceremony. We offer the Full Speeches and Full Ceremony as a product in our packages

Bride walking down isle

The Cameras

When we capture the wedding ceremony we throw the kitchen sink at ensuring we film and record the ceremony at the highest quality possible. Just like how we capture the wedding speeches, The wedding ceremony is also filmed with multiple DSLR cameras from different angles to give the edit a professional look. Three and often four cameras from different angles will ensure that we can provide a professional look to your end product. This doesn’t mean that we’ll bring in the film crew from Hollywood and turn your wedding into a movie set. No, we are still very discreet in our approach, the cameras are set in a manner that your guests would not even notice us being there. We use telephoto lenses which means we can film from a distance ensuring that we are out of the way of your ceremony.

The Audio

Wedding ceremony

As with the multiple cameras, we ensure that the audio is captured at the highest level possible. With all our Short Films and Feature Films, audio from the ceremony and speeches play a big part in telling your story in our films so its imperative that we record it at a high quality.

So what does that mean? Well, simply put we mic everything up! And we mean everything. From the Groom to the celebrant/Priest (if allowed), lectern, readers microphone, and any musicians playing. When we edit your ceremony we gather all the audio sources and video sources and sync them together.

The Post Production

With modern DSLR’s, we have  a lot more work in post production especially when there are multiple audio sources and multiple cameras, sometimes up to 4 cameras covering the ceremony and up to 5 audio sources. Yes it gives you a fantastic final product and that’s why we go the extra mile. Quality Quality Quality! As a product the Full Ceremony is filmed and edited between all the camera and more importantly between all the audio sources.