How Allure Productions Records Your Wedding Speeches

Often we get asked why our wedding films look and sound so different to other studios. In this article we’ll try to explain how we record your special wedding speeches and what we do that is different.

Michael of Allure Productions, has worked in broadcasting and understands the importance of capturing quality imagery and clear audio.

….Having the right composition which includes framing and lighting, and capturing the audio so that it sounds crystal clear is crucial in establishing a sense of quality in any production. Being trained as a broadcast editor we were blessed to see wonderfully composed images and broadcast quality sound which we have incorporated into Allure Productions policy..

Wedding Speeches Sample

Below you will see a sample video of how we have captured the wedding speeches. We wont bore you with the full speeches edit so hopefully you can get a sense of how the entire version would look. We offer the Full Speeches and Full Ceremony as a product in our packages

DSLRThe Camera Gear

The key factor is utilising multiple DSLR cameras to focus  on different aspects of the speeches. Often one camera is focused on the speaker, the second on the bride and groom and the magical third camera which roams the room looking for interesting angles and reaction shots. Most wedding videographers wont capture your speeches with multiple DSLR cameras and hence, when we edit your feature, highlight or full speeches, we are able to utilise the angles and vision created with our extra cameras.


Going back to how spoilt Michael was in the broadcast world, lighting and composition (framing) is ultimately another key component in Allure Productions approach to capturing beautiful images during the reception and speeches. There are many rumours generated that suggests having a DSLR camera does not require any extra lighting during your reception. We tend to disagree! Lighting is the difference to capturing murky, dirty, shadowless flat images to images with definition and luminance. All movies, films and TV shows use lights (even in daylight) to enhance their images. You know yourself, try to video, using your smart phone, at night with minimal light….. the images don’t look that great! We use minimal lights, and don’t worry we wont turn your reception into the MCG.


Lastly, Audio! Audio! AUDIO! All our films are narrated by the people who are important to the couple. We tell the story and thus we need to ensure we have crystal clear audio. DSLR cameras are great in capturing stunning images especially when equipped with beautiful lenses. However, their biggest Achilles heel is their poor audio capabilities. And thus, we capture audio on separate devises. But here is the difference, we back up the back up! In this digital world where data can get corrupted for no reason, we ensure your audio is secured because we are recording from two sources. Then in post production we sync all the cameras and audio and edit them so that it resembles the sample above.