Wedding Speeches

So you found this page because you typed ‘wedding speeches‘ into Google. You’re stumped, desperate and dont know where to find those special words to help make your wedding speech memorable. I hope this blog post will give you some things to think about.

‘The Google Speech’, in other words thought of as being the typical template speech that has been told on numerous occasions at many weddings. Typical words include

“While not being married myself, I like to think I’ve picked up a few things over the years.”

“You should never go to bed on an argument – always stay up and argue.”

“The woman should always get the final word in an argument. Anything after will be
the next argument.”

“The best way to remember your anniversary is to forget it once.”

“Thanks for coming everyone, this has been a very emotional day. I mean, even the cake is in tiers.”

And all these points are true and make sense and probably will get a few laughs provided the guests haven’t heard them before. But, in context they probably have no true meaning to the essence of the couple. Getting a few laughs is important to build your relationship with the audience but keep it relevant to the couple and not google.

One of the first points I would mention is to be natural and go with your strengths. If you are a naturally funny person then that is great. However if you are someone who murders a joke or can never deliver a punchline then it is probably best to leave the jokes out and go with your heart.  A speaker trying to be funny but not succeeding can be cringe worthy.

The next point I would note is to leave the drinking of alcohol until after your speech.  Being asked to speak at someone’s wedding is an honour, and slurring your words and making no sense is no way to endear yourself to the Bride & Groom.

Another point for a great wedding speech is in the preparation.  I’m sure the couple has given you a lot of notice of your impending speech so it doesn’t hurt to do some prep work first.  I’m not suggesting you write your speech out word for word but at least note down some dot points to jog your memory.

During your preparation, stop and think about the couple for a second. Break down your experience with them, what do you love, how did they come into your life and improve you as a person. How did you meet their parter and what is your relationship with them. The small stories that have left an impression on your life, the funny and the ugly. Focus on the good qualities of the bride and groom and reference small stories the in-law family can appreciate.

As a wedding videographer Melbourne studio we have been blessed to listen to some fantastic, heartfelt, meaningful speeches that have content and is relevant to the couple. On the flip side we have also heard  ‘The Google Speech’ many, many times and cringe every time it is presented. Totally plagiarised  word for word.

At Allure, the essence to our films are the stories and background information we can gather from the speeches. This narration helps tell the story of the couple and produce a cinematic wedding video like no other.  A unique, one of a kind representation of the couples and their personalities combined with cinematic imagery. Therefore the importance of describing the couple, how they look,  their qualities, personalities, relevant stories, helps entertain the guests but also produces great content for us to use.

So if you are stuck and you’ve searched google for that inspiration, remember that the only inspiration you require is to deliver a speech that you will be proud of.