The Wedding Day

There aren’t too many turning points in your life that would actually define your lives. The day you were born, your wedding day, your first child, your first home and perhaps winning tattslotto  would fall into that category.

As the planning for the big day evolves, the emotional attachment to this day amplifies. The expectation of the perfect day becomes an almost  impermeable realisation. With many factors, it is most definitely an expectation that often is imaginable but not met. We as humans reluctantly understand that we cannot control all aspects of our lives and thus human errors do occur. After all, we are humans and not robots!

The wedding day is no exception and with the build up of expectation and emotion, this factor multiplies.

As wedding videographers we are often required to film the entire event and capture moments of importance or relevant to the couple. Often we come under scrutiny because certain small aspects were not captured correctly or missed. Unlike a photographer, the expectation to record every event, big, small or other is expected to the detriment of creativity. Obviously there are many types of wedding videography styles that would accommodate the couple that want everything recorded for prosperity.

We at Allure understand that there are different markets that require different styles. It is for this reason that we have moved away from the ‘Security Camera” style,  with its shoot everything with no creativity, long documentary and produce hours and hours of footage to DVD.

We are now focusing on producing shorter, creative and stylish wedding cinematography based films which reflects the couples natural story and wedding day. As a preferred wedding videography Melbourne studio we endeavour to fulfil our promises to deliver a fun full day were you can  relax and not worry about the stresses of the big day and have us produce a film that you can be proud of.