Melbourne Wedding Photography and Videography?

Surprisingly, Allure often gets asked why we don’t do Wedding Photography. The simple answer, we are Cinematographers and not photographers ans so much prefer produce work that we are passionate about and have a total understanding and competency for.

The two mediums, photography and cinematography are closely related, however so different in many ways. We understand that some couples like to choose their Melbourne Wedding photography and wedding videography from the same studio. And this is fine if its about convenience and not quality. Honestly, convenience will not guarantee that your Photo/Video studio is totally competent in both mediums.

Often Photography Studios offer a video package as an incentive to secure your purchase of their Photography package. Its an upsell!

The pitch, ‘…purchase the photography package and we’ll discount the video package saving you some cash, and the photographer and videographer know each other and wont get in each others way because their from the same studio…..” in other words….. ‘purchase my photo package and I’ll have some freelancer that you have never met record your wedding on video, they wont get in my way because I know them!

This  is great if its just photography that you are interested in and you just want someone to video your day because Uncle Bob is busy.

Think about it this way, when you watch the biggest day in the AFL calendar, the Grand Final. Are you actually watching the proceedings of the Grand Final in a glossy magazine, newspaper or photos posted on Facebook. No! I dont think that’s freezable and entertaining! We do actually watch these events on a big screen because its a live, moving event with emotions and content that we enjoy watching. So why wouldn’t your wedding day, the biggest turning point in your lives be any different.

Wedding photography has a purpose as does the photo journalist taking photos at the Grand Final. Your wedding day deserves more than just photos to ensure its longevity. One photo, one moment, is just that!

Melbourne Wedding Photographers are amongst some of the best in the world and we have worked closely with many of them. Ultimately it is your decision and your budget and to be frank, you have spent so much already that to forgo a quality video production because you have a photographer to capture it, is a little crazy!

Don’t think of the now but think of the future, when your children and their children relive your day in a spectacularly presented cinematic wedding video. Don’t you wish you could see your parents at their wedding other than looking at a photo. Don’t you want to hear how your Dad passionately spoke about your Mum during his wedding speech. How their love has stood the test of time. Photos wont give you that but a creative video will!