Kylie & Damien : wedding video Melbourne :: Roselyn Court

best viewed by pressing play then pause and allow the clip to load before watching

So here we are, this lovely couple came to see us at our studio and they fell in love with our stuff….well great I thought. What was obvious with Kylie and Damien was they weren’t just any other couple.  These guys really wanted us to capture their day and deliver a story which takes you on a journey. ‘My big red fire trucks’….. yes that’s the title. Why? well…. not everyone gets the opportunity to hire (loan for the day thanks to Dad!) these beautiful restored old treasures as their “bridal cars”. Bridal cars…ha, what! …. Yes just watch the clip!

Myself and Kane (from Kane Jarrod Photography) were chomping at the bit to capture these beauties.

The union started at Roselyn Court where Kyls wedded her man Damo. People flew in from all round the world to see this spectacle… well they tried to fly in without the troubles of Mr Qantas CEO pulling the pin on all flights, local and international….watch the clip, you’ll know more!

We visited the Fire Museum as one of the locations and then returning to Roselyn Court for the reception. A wonderful night enjoyed  by all who attended thanks to the beautiful tunes from David and Tania.

Suppliers: Kane Jarrod Photography, Roselyn Court Homestead,