Brooke & Maciej :: Wedding Video Melbourne : Brighton International

Brooke and Maciej (Mattyyyyy) are such a relaxed and fun loving couple. Thanks to these guys we are still in business :)!! We have had the honour of being able to film not just their wedding, but some of their closest friends as well. This was their turn to shine.  After producing the full version and reviewing those SPEECHES, we knew we had an awesome clip on our hands.

Daddy Freddy!!!! The coolest dad around…nailed Maciej to his seat. We were convinced that the Chevy may have exchanged owners there and then…. watch the clip to find out what happens.

We had the honour of working with Elise and Mike from Elise Kapeller Photography again, on the beautiful grounds of Brighton International.

Melbourne finally put on some great weather for these two as they filled their day with fun and laughter. We will no doubt see each other again… (BTW, thanks for  plugging our business….there’s a full time wedding video sales rep position just opened ;)  )

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