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When you plan your wedding the only aspect you don’t have control over is the weather. 40 Degrees + was forecast and reached, not classified as ideal conditions especially for the David and his boys in their stylish suits, or should we say wet suits :).


Hot Hot Hot was not just the conditions of the day but how Helen looked. The emotions definitely had taken a hold of David as he first saw Helen walk down the aisle. He claims he was just sweating from the eyes, but you get to judge for yourself.

Two beautiful Tea Ceremonies and torturous door games were the mornings festivities. Marsh-mellows ladened with worsabi and wax strips were just a few of the games Helen’s girls enforced on the boys.

The wonderfully styled ceremony under the hot lunchtime sun at Kamesburgh Gardens in Brighton, was the setting for many of the brave, loyal friends and family to whiteness the commitment Helen and David had made to each other.

Vincent from Proshot Photography and myself then enjoyed the company of Helen and David’s bridal party on location at various spots around Melbourne, including The Army Barracks on St Kilda Rd, before heading to Florian Receptions for the celebration and plenty of great speeches and food.

Their Love after 10 years, these two school sweet hearts have is still burning strong and is clearly evident with how they look at each other. We loved being a part of Helen & David’s wedding. We hope you enjoy reliving their day as much as we enjoyed putting their short wedding film together. Don’t forget to leave this gorgeous couple a message below and hit the like boxes if you love their clip.

If the video plays erratically, we recommend you press Pause and allow the video to buffer out (download). Then press play.

Helen & David’s Florian Receptions wedding video was filmed by Allure Productions for Wedding Video Melbourne & Florian Receptions weddings.



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