Jennifer & Robert :: Stones Yarra Valley : Allure Productions

A gorgeous couple such as Jennifer and Robert only deserve a fairytale wedding. This was the case Sunday 24th November for this fun-loving couple who tied the knot at Stones of the Yarra Valley. Family and friends gathered to hear a touching and heartfelt ceremony conducted by a close family friend, Margaret Richardson.

No fairytale wedding would be complete without the fairytale settings of Alowyn Gardens in Yarra Glen. Simply amazing! With only minutes not hours available to film Jennifer and Robert’s location photos, we alongside John for Warren Photography,  managed to avoid the speeding fines to capture the magical surroundings with our beautiful and joyful couple.

They simply compliment each other. Jen, so joyful and an excitement machine, always smiling and full of life, and Rob the more reserved, endearing and extremely passionate. These two are made to be together eternally and their wedding day was the first day of the rest of their lives together.

We loved being a part of Jennifer and Robert’s wedding. We hope you enjoy reliving their day as much as we enjoyed putting their short wedding film together. Don’t forget to leave this gorgeous couple a message below and hit the like boxes if you love their clip.

If video plays erratically, we recommend you press Pause and allow the video to buffer out (download). Then press play.


Jen and Robs Stones Yarra Valley wedding video was filmed by Allure Productions for Wedding Video Melbourne

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