Arrogance, Ignorance and Rudeness ~ Not Tolerated

After 10 years of working in the Wedding industry I can fairly say I have observe the diverse range of personalities that attribute with the vendors or suppliers.

I have worked with some fantastic, skilled and talented photographers who help make the Bride and Groom’s day one to remember. Most of them are on our Friends referrer list and they are there because we love working with them. They make our job easier and understand the importance of cinematography and its roll and importance on the wedding day.

We at Allure are very personable and have fun with our couples on their wedding day. We dont take over  and make the day ours but allow the couple to express themselves without influence. We are polite but fun,  we are creative but not influential, but importantly its their day not ours!

Now you’ve probably heard the horror stories of Photographers not getting along with the Videographers. Let me give you a little insight into why this occurs. For millennia,  Photographers have dictated and controlled the wedding day. From the moment they arrive to the time they leave at the reception, the common perception of artistic memories was expressed through the photographer. The location shoot is where this is more prevalent. We’re not here to bash photographers, not at all, we love working with them and assisting them when they need a light stand :), but this post is directed to the 5% of photographers that we have worked with in the past that need to leave their egos at home and have respect for other suppliers.

As mentioned, we love our Photogs and we have a great personal and professional relationship with many of them and especially those on our Friends List. But there are some of recent that we have not worked with in the past that need a little lesson in etiquette and personal relationship management. Ego’s are not needed on a wedding day when the couple has hired both video and photo packages.

Videography has changed to an art and creative medium of cinematography. The roll of the cinematographer has evolved to not just recording the events of the day, but to capture the raw essence and emotion in a creative manner.

So whats the issue? Simply put, as videography has evolved, photographers have naturally had to accept the change or resist. For many, they applaud the move to a cinematic style of capturing. It stops the videographer from just steeling and shooting over the photographers shoulder. It allows for a another artist to view the scene differently and thus assist the photographer with alternative angles and scenarios.

For the small percentage that are resisting and like to cause conflict, they sense the threat of  extra cameras, quality gear, an intelligent creative approach, not filming their stock poses, requiring the couples attention, offering suggestions, and creatively filming natural rather than possie as a huge threat to their creative control of the wedding day. These photogs are set in their way and cannot accept that the two arts are completely different and thus require different approaches. As a result, the couples time does need to be shared, and so it should!

These photographers will intentionally or unintentionally cause the conflict by inhibiting our job. Standing infront of the camera whilst filming the formalities is a big no no. We are recording 25 still photos every second, and this is how video is created. So its of utmost importance that these photographers do not inhibit these important events. The couple does not want to see the photographer in every angle when they are only taking one photo and we are recording the whole event. It only makes them look bad when the couple watches their video and sees the photographer in every shot!

Allure is very conscious of not being in clear view of the photographer’s camera and will move if the situation arrises. Being courteous and aware of our surroundings is why we are widely accepted by many well known Photography Studios. We work very hard with our Photographers in ensuring the couple has a fantastic day whilst still recording our separate mediums creatively and without barriers.

There are Cowboys in both fields and I’m not speaking for other Video Studios and I’m sure the Photographers have stories of their own. What is required here is RESPECT! Respect for each others craft. It is that simple. I respect your work and you respect mine. It is two completely different forms of recoding memories.

For the couples sake lets leave the ego’s behind along with the blatant rudeness, arrogance or ignorance. Its not acceptable in any form. We are here for the COUPLE not for our own self indulgent reasons.