Jakarta Wedding ~ 10K attendance!

I was fortunate enough to be granted the experience of assisting Preface Films, a fellow wedding cinematography studio in Jakarta.

Thursday morning we departed to arrive mid afternoon in Jakarta. The wedding was being held in the outskirts and about 20 minutes from town centre. The wedding rehearsal was being put through its paces whilst myself and Dean were mesmerized at the scale of the production.

The following day (Friday) we had production meeting with the other photographers, broadcast crew and videographer company. Before heading to the Tea ceremony celebration at the Brides House. Another Awe dropping experience!


It was Hot, It was Humid, It was all action GO! There wasn’t   much time for anything other than concentrating on the job and filming to your best ability.

We all enjoyed a couple of cold beers back at the Hotel when we returned that evening.







The next day was D day. The big wedding! ‘The Wedding‘ as they called it. 10,000 guests to attend. and yes they did!


An how about this bloody cake, what a monster


We were followed around all day with the local Photogs, 12 of and a video crew, 2 of and a full TV broadcast crew with 2 Jibs (cranes) and numerous cameras to broadcast the event to the screens.

The people were lovely and so warming and inviting. Their hospitality was greatly appreciated also. It was definitely an experience and one that I wont forget. Would we do it again, definitely but with more hands.