Unforgettable Farm Wedding: Ruby & Andy’s Marquee Celebration on Private Property

Ruby & Andy

Short Film

This wedding blends rustic charm with modern elegance, Ruby and Andy’s spectacular day on their family private farm. Produced by Allure Productions, their farm wedding was a vibrant celebration filled with laughter and love. A clear roofed marquee set the scene, offering breathtaking views of the countryside while ensuring guests stayed comfortable. Cows in the paddock added a unique touch, reminding everyone of the serene, pastoral beauty that surrounded the joyous occasion.

The day was captured beautifully with multiple cameras, showcasing every heartfelt moment and hilarious speech. Ruby and Andy’s love story came to life in their Short Story Film video, highlighting their incredible connection and the fun-filled atmosphere of the celebration. This marquee wedding was more than just an event; it was a day full of unforgettable memories shared with family and friends, making it truly one wedding to remember.

“OH MY GOSH!!!! We are so so so happy with our wedding video!! We couldn’t be happier! We were at the airport when we received this email and watched all of the footage on the plane ride, balling our eyes out like babies! You captured our day SO PERFECTLY. We can’t even put it into words. Apologies it’s taken us a few days to reply to you, we were at a wedding in WA. But we have watched the videos about a million gazillion times and can’t get enough. We will definitely be recommending you to all of our friends going forward! “

– Ruby & Andy