Nattie & Daniel – Koh Samui Thailand Destination Wedding Film

Nattie & Daniel

Destination Wedding Film

One Team One Dream 2018

Where did our journey with Nattie and Daniel begin? Last year we decided to rebrand and to help launch our new look and tag line “Make it You”. We ran a competition searching for that right couple with a unique story that really complimented our branding. There was some stiff competition and plenty of entries later, Nattie and Daniel submitted a video that we needed to explore further. A Jewish girl marrying a Muslim boy. Love in the end wins and Nattie, Daniel and their families are testament to this fact.  A mixture of two cultures, they have both broken the traditional stereo types of what love and unity is about. Jewish and Albanian cultures uniting for one team one dream in 2018!

The marriage took place in Koh Samui – Thailand. Guests flew from all parts of the world to share in the fun and support this amazing couple. Nestled in amongst the palm trees of  YL Residence, the villa was styled magnificently by Dujarat (Aey) Varis @ Dream Catchers Events and her team. Like us, Sarah Christensen (photographer) flew out from Australia to capture this amazing wedding. It had everything, a gorgeous couple, incredible scenery, and a crowd ready to dance the night away.  We sincerely hope you enjoy watching love at it’s finest.

Remember it is best watched in HD so please ensure the HD button is illuminated.


YL Residence



Dream Catchers Events


Sarah Christensen

Silver Distinction Winner Award - AIPP AVPA

APPA Stamps 2018 - Video-Silver Distinction

“This is awesome!!!!!! So so so grateful!!! “

– Nattie & Daniel