Marika & Daniel – The Homestead Springbank

Marika & Daniel

Short Story

Daniel’s two requests were he didn’t want to get married on a Friday and he didn’t want to have a videographer.

Well here is Marika & Daniel’s Friday Wedding Short Film. Sorry you didn’t get your way Daniel but it turned out to be one amazing day.  Wishing you both a life full of adventure, and plenty of laughs.

This wedding was beautifully conducted by the talented Jilly Martino who revealed a lot more of their story to their friends and family.

We hope you enjoyed reliving just a small sample of Marika & Daniel’s wedding day film video. Please leave the couple some love below by hitting the like button and leaving a comment, they would love to hear from you. Remember it is best watched in HD so please ensure the HD button is illuminated.


The Homestead Springbank



Jilly Martino