Kate & Trevor – Stones of the Yarra Valley

Kate & Trevor

Short Story

Often when filming we are blessed with sunshine and gorgeous rays of light. Obviously this cannot be the case for every wedding and it definitely wasn’t for Kate and Trevor’s at Stones of the Yarra Valley.

The Sun was smothered by cloud and drizzling rain. The day was gloomy and grey. The colours were non existent. But that did not matter! What mattered was the union of two extraordinary people who have found each other amongst billions of people on this earth. Two people who‘s love for each other is uncompromising. This is what is important!. The rain did not spoil their parade it solidified their warmth embrace.  A story of two wonderfully passionate people.

We had a great time filming along side Katie Harmsworth Photography. Plenty of laughs and good times were had during their day.

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Katie Harmsworth Photography