Esther and Christopher – Mural Hall Melbourne Wedding Film

Esther & Christopher

Feature Film

We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to showcase this incredible wedding of Esther and Christopher. If you can spare yourself a few minutes, come follow the story that is Esther and Christopher’s Wedding day film.


Their traditional Tea Ceremony was held the day before. An initiation of sorts, the door games hosted by the bridesmaids, are performed by the groom and his groomsmen. An interesting concoction of drinks, followed by a makeup trial, and then a Stick Note shake off were all performed for the honour of entering the house to meet the bride, Esther. Both families were in attendance for their traditional Tea Ceremony.

The next day, their ceremony was held at Scots’ Church, Melbourne, and later the celebration and the massive party at Myer Mural Hall.

This is a story of two people destined to meet. Enjoy!

I love it so much!! Thank you Michael 🙂 means the world to have such a beautifully captured memory of the best day of our lives.

– Esther & Christopher