Amy & Raphael – Stones of the Yarra Valley

Amy & Raphael

Short Story

The magnificent and picturesque Stones of the Yarra Valley was the backdrop to this wonderful, relaxed and splendid wedding. Amy & Raphael, with many of their friends and family travelled from overseas and Melbourne surrounds to the Valley to enjoy the surrounds and bask in the sunshine of their wedding day.

As dawn awakens, the Yarra Valley was glistening in a splendid shower of golden rays and the hot air balloons were hovering above. This was the day Amy and Raphael committed to each other in front of their guests in a heartfelt ceremony.

Two beautiful souls walking through the same path of life, now joined together as one!

This wedding was beautifully conducted by the talented Andrew Redman who revealed a lot more of their story to their friends and family.

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Stones of the Yarra Valley



Andrew Redman

“It doesn’t matter where I am, I’m yours.”