Web Marketing And How Video Testimonials Can Help

As business owners we are constantly fighting the challenge of being noticed in an ever expanding world. The old style print advertising still serves a purpose but with modern technology and the birth of online marketing, we are faced with the challenge of being seen amongst our competitors.

Video testimonials

The video below showcases the importance of connecting your trustworthiness with your potential client. How better to portray confidence to your customers than to have your previous customers do the selling for you.  Trust in a person or be it a brand is what all consumers are seeking. They want to be sure that they are making the right decision with what they are purchasing. Having a video testimonial from your previous clients will enforce your brands awareness and trustworthiness.

Speak to any marketing expert and they will tell you of the importance video testimonial have in ROI scores.

So Whats Involved In Your Video Testimonials

Preparation, Preparation, Preparation! Like any video work the key is in preparing for the shoot and understanding the overall look and feel of the end product. Without giving away the questions asked to your interviewees you would still provide them an insight into what the overall sense of the interview involves.  Make them at ease, and not uncomfortable focusing on having a conversation rather than static question/answer. For credibility, ensure the answers you are seeking are positive in nature.

andrew and michael

What’s important is making it look and feel professional in nature. In this day where anyone can produce video there is nothing more off putting than a cheap looking testimonial video. Remember that if the intension of the video is to convince potential clients of your credibility then a properly produced video is the only solution. A cheap video will reflect a cheap brand!

The Final Output

So individual testimonials or a combined edited version. Personal preferences really but for a great professional feel, a combined edited video testimonial will have more appeal than singular testimonial. Think about it this way, will you sit there and watch 5 x 60 second video testimonials consecutively, or rather watch an entertaining version which includes all 5 testimonials edited in a manner that enforces the message. An example below showcases this principle.

Video Testimonials is a trust building tool and will convert those just looking, to buying!

If video plays erratically, we recommend you press Pause and allow the video to buffer out (download). Then press play.