Stephanie & Matthew – Allure Productions Wedding FIlm

Stephanie and Matthew’s wedding was held at Port Phillip Estate in Red Hill. A picturesque venue surrounded by rolling hills and vines. They celebrated with close friends and family. Their story began years ago when they met at a bar, two groups of friends celebrating different occasions. It was obvious back then that their relationship was inevitable when that same night, they were discussing how Matthew, as a child had swimming lessons in Stephanie’s parents pool. A nice ice breaker to say the least. Years on and they are married with the help of Di Klienert who performed a beautiful and entertaining ceremony.

Here is a small glimpse of their wedding. We hope you enjoy reliving their day. Don’t forget to leave the couple a message below and hit the like boxes to share some love.




If the video plays erratically, we recommend you press Pause and allow the video to buffer out (download). Then press play. Best watched in HD, simply hit the HD button on the video

This productions was filmed for  wedding video Melbourne on behalf of Allure Productions.

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