Stefania & Patrick – The Park Wedding Video – Allure Productions Wedding Film

Often we are privileged to film a group of friend’s special wedding day. In this case, Stefania and Patrick were Maid of Honour and best man at their closest friends wedding, Laura and Matt. Two best friends marrying two best friends. Confused?…. Patrick and Matt are besties and they married two besties in Stefania and Laura… mates for ever now!

This was another crazy day with an awesome bridal party who just wanted to have fun! After a tough year, Stefania’s dad Angelo was well enough to walk his beloved daughter down the aisle to her awaiting husband to be, Patrick. There were many memorable moments but this certainly had many at St Marys Star of the Seas clutching for tissues.

The Park in Albert Park looked amazing as always. The sunset was always a pleasure to film once again. Even the local swans and ducks were enjoying the space.