Stefani & Tyrone – Meadowbank – Allure Productions


Stefani and Tyrone’s wedding was held at the majestic Meadowbank reception. There wedding was beautiful in many ways but importantly it was fun. The bridal party enjoyed their time, relaxed and energised to help celebrate a special day for this young couple.

The ceremony was held at Immaculate Conception Church in Hawthorn and with a fleet of Mini’s, it was a spectacular view seeing the bride arrive. A splendid evening welcomed the guests to Meadowbank Receptions as they enjoyed their canapés, drinks and freshly cooked grilled meats.

DJ Mercuri played the important tunes and the guests enjoyed the atmosphere. Stefani was dress in a stunning Zian Couture dress. This gorgeous couple have now started a new chapter, travelling to London for a few years.

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Filmed by Allure Productions at Meadowbank wedding video & Melbourne Wedding Video.