Selecting The Right Wedding Music For Your Big Day

Like all facets of your big day, wedding music plays an important role in setting the right moods for your guests. From music at the ceremony, garden or church,  and the reception including pre dinner drinks and the party. There are different styles and types  available and they are only an expression of your personalities, personal tastes and the theme of your wedding..

Music sets the atmosphere and so choosing the  theme of your wedding day will help decide what style of music you will choose. An example being, during pre dinner drinks or canapés for  an intimate formal wedding setting, a string quartette  or a soft acoustic duo would more often be the arrangement. The tones of which would soften the mood of your guests.
String Quartette wedding music

Garden Ceremonies

Often wedding music is played from a CD player during a garden service, however hiring an instrumental band, soloist or string quartette will help formalise your garden ceremony

Church Ceremonies

If you are getting married in a church be aware of the restrictions governed by your church. Often  secular music during church ceremonies are not allowed.  They would require more traditional or religious forms of wedding music, either live or CD. A church organist and or a duet would often provide the music required. It’s best to check with the church official to confirm what they would consider appropriate.

String quartette, acoustic guitarist or piano player with vocalist are often hired to perform for the guests pre ceremony. Of course the trusty CD player with appropriate music is also an option.

The Reception

The reception music is broken up with pre reception dinner drinks (canapés) and the main function dinner. First and foremost you will need to check with your venue manager of what they will accept.

Wedding music for the formal pre dinner drinks is often soft background mood setting music and once again can be either from a CD or an acoustic band, Strings or other forms. For the reception dinner, your style of function will dictate the type of music played. You have the choice of recorded music or live music.

DJ Alain


Recorded music is often supplied by hiring a professional DJ. A wedding DJ will provide your function with the types of music you like. You can provide them with a list of tracks you would like to here and the DJ can also have an input. Remember, if they are experienced then they will ask you the appropriate questions to understand your wedding day and hence provide your reception with wedding music that will lift your party. A great DJ reads the crowd and often when you both plan a list of tracks to play which do not attract your guests to the dance floor, they will analyse the audience and deliver wedding music that would be more appropriate. We have worked with many great DJ’s in the past and you can find a list of wedding DJ’s here.


wedding musicWedding Band

Live music on the other hand really gets your guests going. Hiring a band is a great way to rock your reception and turn it into a big party. Bands come in all shape, sizes and flavours. From big rock bands, jazz, traditional, to more rhythmical, they all serve a purpose of entertaining your guest s during the reception function.   Before hiring a band its best to familiarise yourself to their style and quality. Ask them to supply you with a list of tracks they play to help you decide a list that would best suit your wedding. This will help decide if they are the best fit for you. Also check that they have played at weddings and understand the requirements  governed by most reception venues. This will help provide the proper entertainment for your guests that’s fitting to your occasion. Some bands also offer emcee duties so check if that is an option you are seeking too. For a list of reputable bands that we know, follow the link to our friends page

Remember you always want to keep the music going, even when the DJ or Band are having their breaks. Soft background music will help fill the room and set the atmosphere you are seeking.

In summing up, the choice of music, type and styles will make or break your wedding. In a sense its the bridge that connects everyone together. It sets the tone and the feel you want your guests to connect to and ultimately you need to enjoy your wedding listening to those tracks.

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