Sarah & Josh – Stones of the Yarra Valley – Allure Productions


Sarah and Josh celebrated their wedding at the beautiful Stones of the Yarra Valley. As fate would have it, they met by chance and their romance blossomed. They have spent the last four years together travelling the world and experiencing new adventures. They love each others company and have plenty of respect, not just for each other but their respective families, embracing their  cultures.

Sarah and Josh’s wedding was set on a beautiful day in the Valley. Celebrant Sophie Cleary conducted a stunning ceremony which also included the Jewish Chuppa and the traditional glass break to conclude. The Chuppa was a gorgeous structure with a flower arrangement  delivered by Sugar Bee Flowers.

Sarah Looked Stunning in her Mariana Hardwick gown. Her four nieces almost stole the show with their cuteness though. Josh and his trusted men, enjoyed a relaxed morning with a few quiet beers before heading to the Valley. The White Tree band got the party started with the traditional Hora and party tunes.

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Transport: Enrik Limousines
Mens Suits: Briggins
Photographer: Blumenthal

Filmed by Allure Productions at Stones of the Yarra Valley Melbourne wedding video & Melbourne Wedding Film.