Sarah & Jon – Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron – Allure Productions Wedding Video

When Jon met Sarah for the first time he challenged her to a dance off, got her number and then forgot to call.  However fate wasn not finished with these two, and when they met by chance at a later date, Sarah had a bone to pick with Jon.  “Who asks for a girls number and doesn’t call?” she asked him.  Jon managed to diffuse the situation, and once again he asked Sarah for her number to which she replied, “you already have it”.  Learning from his previous mistake, this time Jon did call, and the rest is history.  These two are clearly meant to be.  Their sheer love for life, friends and family couldn’t have been more evident.  Whilst Jon’s Dad, JD was no longer with them, he was never far from any of their minds and I’m sure he was looking down with pride that his son was marrying the love of his life!  Congratulations Jon & Sarah, may your life be full of love, laughter and good times.