Sarah & Adrian :: Portsea Hotel Wedding Video :: Allure Productions

Allure Productions travelled down to the coastal town of Portsea to film a fun filled wedding. The spunky and funny, Drew Barrymore look a like; Sarah. And Adrian, the charismatic, handsome and looks like he belongs on the next series of Underbelly. We always have a great time filming this close group of friends, full of laughs and practical jokes,  Sarah and Adrian’s wedding was no different.

The location, Portsea Hotel, an iconic establishment in the region and overlooking the spectacular Bay. A beautiful start to the day with magnificent sunshine and a great sunrise. Typical Melbourne, right on queue,  the heavens opened as Sarah arrived. Short stint of rain and then the sun came out to play again. This, in no way dampened any spirits and in fact heightened the anticipation of what was to become a fantastic celebration. Some great speeches, plenty of beer and wine and the dance floor was pumping thanks to DJ Eddy. No fancy car waiting to pick them up, just a leisurely stroll back to their beautiful cottage….

If video plays erratically, we recommend you press Pause and allow the video to buffer out (download). Then press play.


An Allure production; filmed at Portsea Hotel for the Wedding videography melbourne market.