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We want to know more about your wedding plans, and how we can help make your wedding film truely unique. No two weddings are the same and no two wedding cinematography studios are either! Our products are unique to every couple that we film. Some are emotional, some are romantic; some are funny and some are extremely candid. For you and your partner, your wedding story is unique to you! Let’s Make it You!

Complete the form below and lets chat more. We have different products that suit different couples, religions and cultures. We have filmed 95% of them!  We don’t have set packages and we tailor a package that suits you best! What would you love to  sit back and watch when it’s all over? By the way, remember it’s not just the now we are living in, it’s 20-40 years time too! It’s an investment, not just for you but your future family and theirs also! A time capsule! If you have a budget please let us know, we’re here to help you.

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