Raqueal & Lukasz – The Centre Ivanhoe – Allure Productions

This vibrant and young couple celebrated their wedding at The Centre Ivanhoe. Raqueal and Lukasz’s wedding began at St Mary’s Star of the Sea earlier in the day. We knew when we booked this couple that it was going to be a great day!


These guys were relaxed but it was fair to say that Raqueal was a little nervous in the morning. She had a very special, beautiful moment with her Dad with many tears shed.

Meanwhile Lukasz enjoyed a little time with his close mates and mum and dad. A jam packed reception also included a Grand March entrance and some line dancing. There was plenty of fun to be had and they sure did celebrate what was a wonderful wedding. A wedding planned by the talented Valerie from Together Forever Weddings. She ensured no stone was left unturned, job well done!

We loved being a part of Raqueal & Lukasz’s wedding. We hope you enjoy reliving their day as much as we enjoyed putting their short wedding film together. Don’t forget to leave this gorgeous couple a message below and hit the like boxes if you love their clip.

If the video plays erratically, we recommend you press Pause and allow the video to buffer out (download). Then press play.

Raqueal & Lukasz’s  The Centre Ivanhoe wedding video was filmed by Allure Productions for Wedding Video Melbourne & The Centre Ivanhoe weddings.