Planning For Your Wedding

Planning for your wedding can be a mammoth task. As the day gets closer it can be a extremely stressful, and trying time, where everything gets a little bit crazy.

The date of  the wedding is the first thing you will need to decide.  When choosing a date remember that several factors will influence your decision.  What season do you want to hold your wedding in?  Autumn and Spring are traditionally the favourite months however they also book out far in advance.  Winter weddings can work well and you normally have your pick of dates and suppliers.  Summer can provide fantastic weather however you may also get a heatwave.

Happy Bride and Groom in Riviera MayaThinking outside the box can often provide you with more options.  Remember some venues and suppliers offer discounts on non traditional wedding days.  Also, mornings, and afternoon receptions can be less expensive and give guests a different experience to traditional weddings.

A realistic budget is a must before starting to make plans. Think about the things that are really important to you and ensure you budget accordingly.  Research costs to make a realistic budget.  Remember, just because you only allow $2000 for a certain item does not mean that you will be able to find what you want in this price range.

Engaged couples should also have a chat about the size of wedding they would like. You may want a big wedding but that doesn’t mean your partner feels the same.  Everyone’s tastes are different and a wedding will need a little compromising to ensure you are both happy with the outcome.

When choosing your bridal party just remember these people are sharing one of your most special memories.  Make sure you choose wisely people who will still be a part of your life in 10/20 /30 years time.  Large bridal parties can be fun but can slow down proceedings and take away some of the focus.  Smaller bridal parties are intimate but usually more tame.  Go with your personalities, it is your day and you need to surround yourself with those who will enhance it.

Planning for your wedding
Whether you are after an intimate wedding, with just family and friends, or you are after the wedding of the century, when deciding on the size of your guest list it is important to consider the capacity of your ceremony and reception venues.  It is no use cramming your guests into a venue that is too small to accommodate.  It won’t be enjoyable for you or them.

Ensure when it comes to capturing your memories, hire professionals.  Your friends may be able to take good photos or video but they are there to enjoy themselves.  On such a special occasion, make sure your memories are captured properly.  Once the day is over they are the only things that remain to remind you of what an incredible day you had.  You’ll also enjoy sharing them with your friends and family.

The wedding dress for any bride is one of the most important purchases.  It determines how you feel on the day.  Do give some thought to the season you are getting married in, make sure you have a wrap of some sort if you are having winter nuptials, and for summer try not to choose something too heavy, or else you may end up melting.  Ensure you start looking for your perfect dress months in advance.  It can take a while to find and  in case you encounter some trouble with the fitting, you’d have some time to make other arrangements.

Wedding cake.

Don’t be afraid to taste the the cake!  Make sure you like what you are getting, nowadays there are so many selections to choose from.  The traditional fruit cake has been replaced by chocolate jaffa, vanilla cream and pretty much anything a cake maker can dream up.

For couples who are time poor or just don’t enjoy the stress of planning a wedding you can always hire a wedding planner.  They will help you along every step of the way and can even be there on the day to co-ordinate suppliers leaving you to relax and enjoy your day.

No matter what choices you make don’t forget that it’s one day in your life and the most important thing is sharing it together and having fun.  There is no point putting so much effort into planning  for your wedding if you are too stressed to have fun.  It’s meant to be enjoyable so smile and have a great day!