Phoebe & Jasper – Ballara Receptions – Allure Productions



We were given instructions to make this film fun, and sure enough the stories and events that unfolded throughout the day ensured that Phoebe and Jasper’s wedding day was going to be filled with this joy and excitement. The opening scene sets the tone, ‘How long have you been steady?’ a question asked by Jasper’s dad, and the room erupts into hysterical laughter. This was one fun filled day!!

The devotion they have for each other is also evident in the devotion they have to their God. A passion instilled into them as children and a passion that thrives today with their teachings.

Jasper and Phoebe were married in the beautiful St Mary’s Star of the Sea in West Melbourne, and celebrated with a traditional Filipino wedding service. We rocked on to Melbourne university for the location photo shoot with Daniel from Sheehan Photography. The bridal party were able to then relax and enjoy each others company and take in the spectacular surroundings.

Ballara Receptions welcomed the couple and their guests and hosted by the ever talented emcee Dean Sindoni, who also entertained the guests with his witty humour. The speeches were entertaining to say the least and memorable in many ways.

This is a story of love and commitment, a commitment that has seen Phoebe & Jasper’s admiration to each other transcend to another level. It was evident to everyone, how much they both love each other. We wish them all the love and happiness for the many years of marriage to come.

We hope you enjoyed reliving just a small sample of Phoebe & Jasper’s wedding day film. Please leave the couple some love above by hitting the like button and leaving a comment, they would love to hear from you. Remember its best watched in HD so please ensure the HD button is illuminated.

Filmed by Allure Productions at Ballara Receptions Melbourne  Wedding Film.