Natasha & Kristian – Luminere Wedding Video – Allure Productions Wedding Film

Natasha and Kristian’s wedding at the spectacular Luminere in South Melbourne was stunning. It was a scorching hot day reaching 40 degrees in the shade. The heat melted everything it touched! The bridal party stopped to refresh themselves with a few drinks whilst having their photos taken. It was hot, damn hot! Thankfully as the reception was starting, their guests did enjoy the cool change that made things a little more bearable whilst they enjoyed their canapés on the Luminere deck.

These guys were great fun! An avid Carlton supporter, Kristian’s team hasn’t seen to many wins of late but he is certainly winning, marrying his beautiful bride Natasha at St John the Baptist in Clifton Hill.

Hope you enjoy reliving Natasha and Kristian’s Luminere wedding video.