Jim & Voula :: My Greek Wedding Video Melbourne : Lakeside

When I first met this lovely young couple I just knew they were the best match for Allure. These guys were solely focused on us producing a beautiful memorable film. And that I much appreciated. I knew it wasn’t going to be just another Greek wedding video.

We knew from the start that this was a Greek wedding, with the names Jim and Voula you cant get that wrong :). But they had the full confidence and broke from traditions to fulfil their dream of a wedding film that they are proud of. We thank Jim & Voula for their confidence.

So where did we start, after visiting Jim and Voula at their homes, we headed to ST. NEKTARIOS, Fawkner for their Greek Orthodox Ceremony. We then headed to the magnificent Silk Rd on Collins St. We’ve filmed here before and knew it was a candy store for cinematographers. I can’t seem to get enough from Silk Rd, there is always another hidden corner to play creatively. Spectacular!! The coffee establishment of Palagrinis was the next setting for the bridal party to enjoy as the sun left us. Finally, Lakeside Reception was the venue for Voula and Jim, their family and friends to celebrate. A magnificent floor show from a traditional Greek Dancing group helped get the dance floor ready for some great dancing.

We hope you enjoy reliving their day  and Don’t forget to leave a comment below for this wonderful couple