Liz & Alex – Queenstown Wedding Film – New Zealand Wedding – Allure Productions

Liz and Alex entered our ‘Make it You’ brand launch promotion to win a wedding film. The question posed to our entrants was; ‘Tell us why your story is unique.’

Liz and Alex replied with an amazing story of almost mistaken identity. You see Alex, was a waiter at Liz’s favourite restaurant and she had always eyed him off but never had the courage to pursue it any further. She assumed he was already taken as he is easy on the eye. One day Liz’s mother got a phone call from Alex as he had looked up their reservation contact details (naughty boy!) but unbeknown to Alex he thought Liz’s mother was actually Liz. He proceeded to ask her mother out on a date! She kindly said “I think you are after my daughter dear”. As you can imagine Alex was quite embarrassed and to this day they all joke about him secretly wanting to date Liz’s mother! As they say, the rest is history and they eventually got married at one of their favourite places on Earth, Queenstown.

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