Karen & Sergio – Park Hyatt Melbourne – Allure Productions


Karen and Sergio’s Park Hyatt Melbourne wedding was one that they will all remember. A glorious winters day, sun shining with a brisk freshness in the air. Their day began early at Sergio’s home where his groomsmen gathered to prepare for his big day. For Karen and her girls, they enjoyed a surprisingly relaxing morning at The Park Hyatt Melbourne whilst sipping a glass of Champagne as they all prepared for a magical day.

St Ignatius on Church St Richmond, held the beautiful ceremony for Karen and Sergio.  The scene was set for an emotional entrance and Sergio patiently awaited his bride at the end of the aisle. Karen looked stunning in her Judith Valente wedding dress.

We filmed for the first time alongside Steve Koukoullas photography, a real gentleman and an amazing photographer. We had a great time working together and inspiring each other.

The Park Hyatt Melbourne looked amazing as always, and HG4 were set to make the dance floor explode.

This is a story of love and commitment, a commitment that has seen Sergio and Karen’s admiration to each other transcend to another level. It was evident to everyone, how much they both love each other. We with them all the love and happiness for the many years of marriage to come.

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Filmed by Allure Productions at Park Hyatt Melbourne  Wedding Film.