How Your Friends Can Help On Your Wedding Day

When most people think of a wedding, the things that they think about are the bride and groom, of course,the wedding party, the flowers , the wedding reception and the fun times they will have. When Brides plan their big day often there are a number of small jobs that go unnoticed until the wedding nears closer. The small team of friends and family members often get roped into (willingly or other) to help in the proceedings of the day. An honour in itself!

These little jobs/tasks, mostly unnoticed by other guests is like the cream on the cake, don’t really need them but to have it is extra special. So here is how your friends can help on your wedding day


– Often required to hand out the ceremony booklets, bubble bottles, confetti etc. to guests before the ceremony begins and guests arrive. They need to be present early at the ceremony venue

Guest Book Attendant

– This is one of the jobs that can be offered to a friend who wasn’t included in the wedding party but still wants to help. This person will encourage the guests to sign the book and leave a  message for the couple if they wish. It may seem like a small job, but it’s important.

Ceremony Decorators

– They normally help with adding the special touches in the church or garden service. Ribbons on pews, floral arrangements etc.

Readers help on your wedding day


– Often regarded as a special honour for a family member of friends to read a passage during the ceremony.

Car decorating

– This can be a perfect job for a couple of guys who aren’t ushers. They can go out to the bridal car and decorate it for the drive to where the reception is being held.


– If you aren’t hiring cars then you either use your own or you source some friends cars as your bridal cars. Obviously you would need a driver also to chauffeur the bridal party around

Present Handlers

– Important responsibility and often left to VIP’s of the couple

Remember there will always be friends and family who will put their hands up to help the couple on their wedding day. It’s just a matter of asking or approaching those people who you require. They will feel honoured to be asked to assist.