Fatima & Ahmed – Grand Hyatt – Allure Productions


Ahmed  & Fatima celebrated their wedding at the beautiful Grand Hyatt Melbourne amongst close family and friends. These two are passionate and love each others as the film will attest.

Fatima looked stunning in her gown as she prepared herself at home surrounded by family and was getting excited about seeing Ahmed. Ahmed was nervous with excitement, as he also prepared himself at home. The party started early at both houses with traditional drums escorting our groom  to his bride. She awaited patiently as they danced on the street and Ahmed entered Fatima’s home to take his bride.

We filmed alongside Mark Dayman Photography and we travelled into the city for a few photos, exploring the Army Barracks and Parliament house before arriving at the Grand Hyatt Melbourne for the reception dinner. It was a spectacle with drums, music and dancing throughout the night.

We hope you enjoyed reliving just a small sample of Ahmed & Fatima’s wedding day film video. Please leave the couple some love above by hitting the like button and leaving a comment, they would love to hear from you. Remember it is best watched in HD so please ensure the HD button is illuminated.

Filmed by Allure Productions at Grand Hyatt Melbourne wedding video & Melbourne Wedding Film.