Deana & Anthony – Sky High Mt Dandenong – Allure Productions

Sky High Mt Dandenong was the setting for Deana and Anthony’s wedding celebration, an amazing venue with breathtaking views of Melbourne and its surrounds. The day started just like any other with the boys enjoying a few scotches and the girls celebrating with a glass of Champagne or two.

A hot, humid day with thunderstorms predicted but nothing could dampen the spirits of this beautiful couple celebrating with their close friends and family. Their ceremony was held at St Monica’s in Moonee Ponds as the nervous Anthony awaited his bride.

We had an absolute ball with the bridal party and plenty of laughs were enjoyed. We even got  drenched in Champaign, the things you do to get the shot. As the storms rolled in and we experienced strong winds and rain, the guests were none the wiser. Sky High Mt Dandenong hosted a beautiful celebration with great food and service.

We really enjoyed putting this one together.  Here is a small glimpse of their love. We hope you enjoy reliving their day as much as we enjoyed putting their wedding film together. Don’t forget to leave this gorgeous couple a message below and hit the like boxes to share some love.



If the video plays erratically, we recommend you press Pause and allow the video to buffer out (download). Then press play.

This productions was filmed for Sky High Mt Dandenong and wedding video Melbourne on behalf of Allure Productions and Sky High Mt Dandenong



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