Bao & Jomar – Showtime Events – Allure Productions


Queensland can have it’s beaches and Sydney can have its Harbour but Melbourne has Autumn sun and golden leaves and nothing can beat Melbourne in Autumn. Showtime Events South Wharf was the setting for Jomar and Bao’s wedding. Gorgeous Autumn day, sun shining, leaves a plenty and two people happy in love!

St Mary’s in Williamstown hosted a traditional Filipino wedding before we strolled down to Williamstown botanical and then into Fitzroy town hall and gardens for more. One thing I absolutely love about my job is how much fun we have on the wedding day. Cheerful and energised, Jomar, Bao and their bridal party were laughing their way through the day.

Jomar’s brother Anthony had everyone in stitches with a stand up comedy styled speech in which unfortunately Jomar was on the receiving end. Showtime Events was a picture, beautifully presented and styled by the lovely bride herself. A DIY type of girl, she paid a lot of attention to the small details of her wedding and it paid off.

We really enjoyed putting this one together.  Above is a small glimpse of their wedding. We hope you enjoy reliving their day as much as we enjoyed putting their wedding film together. Don’t forget to leave this gorgeous couple a message above and hit the like boxes to share some love.