Anna Maria & Eddy – Leonda Wedding Video – Heartfelt Story – Allure Productions

It’s difficult to put into words what this wedding means to us at Allure. The phone rang late one afternoon and after listening to Anna Maria’s story, it was difficult to hold back the emotion. My heart sank, my world paused as she explained she was battling terminal cancer with months to live. It was not the words that broke me, it was her resilience and tremendous courage, that determination to live life to it’s fullest that tore me apart.  Anna took her condition in her stride, it was not going to beat her, there was a wedding to plan!

Naturally, it put into perspective how important our role on their wedding day was. Not just her wedding day but every couple’s wedding day for that matter. A wedding film is something each partner, their family and friends will cherish for the rest of their lives. Our role was/is huge! Being able to relive those vows, the speech, that kiss, the first moment you set eyes on each other, this is what we do!

God Bless you Anna Maria, Eddy and your family xxx

WARNING: Tissues are needed