Amber & AK – Allure Productions Wedding Film

For Amber and Ak, the thought of missing out on their wedding day; AGAIN, was not an option! The snap Victorian June lockdown meant that their planned wedding day would be affected. ⁠With just hours before lockdown was enforced at midnight and their planned wedding for the following day would be cancelled, Amber had an army or people working behind the scenes (just hours before their “unscheduled ceremony”), bringing her wedding day forward to beat the lockdown orders. A MASSIVE achievement! ⁠

The phone call from Amber came in in the middle of the press conference, and within 50 minutes of us being notified we were filming AK’s preps at a Toorak hotel. The rest of their wedding day plans were being sent to us whilst driving to AK’s preparations.

It was not quite what they had planned but they went with it and loved every minute⁠.