Amanda & Harvey’s Asian Wedding at Stones of the Yarra Valley | Allure Productions

At Allure Productions, we had the privilege of filming Amanda and Harvey’s spectacular wedding at Stones of the Yarra Valley on a stunning summer’s day. This enchanting venue set the stage for their unforgettable celebration. Earlier in the week, we captured the intimate moments of their Asian Tea Ceremony at home, where Harvey took part in the traditional Asian door games. This ceremony, filled with laughter and love, perfectly complemented the beauty of their wedding day.

Their Short Story Film, produced by our team using multiple cameras, truly highlights the deep bond between Amanda and Harvey. As an incredibly loving couple, their joy and connection were evident in every frame. Filming at Stones of the Yarra Valley provided a picturesque backdrop that made their special day even more memorable. For couples seeking inspiration for an Asian wedding, Amanda and Harvey’s celebration offers a beautiful example of blending tradition with modern elegance.