Alexandra & Ezra's Wedding Film :: Allure Productions

Alex and Ezra’s journey is indeed a true love story.  A boy from New Zealand, meets a girl from Germany, only to loose touch.  The death of a close friend brings them together again and through death comes new beginnings and love.  Theirs is a touching story which we were really honoured to be a part of.  Their day was held without the trappings of most modern weddings.  Instead of a big reception, a more intimate gathering was organised, in the hall next to the church where they married.  The ceremony was performed by both friends and family, and the underlying presence of God was felt by all.  We truly believe that these two were meant to be together.  We hope you enjoy the love story Alex and Ezra have travelled in this wedding film. We wish you all the best Alex and Ezra and are so glad we got to share part of the journey with you

If video plays erratically, we recommend you press Pause and allow the video to buffer out (download). Then press play.

Allure Productions filmed for wedding video Melbourne film studios based in carlton