ABIA Award Winning Wedding Videographer

2013 was the year for Allure Productions to take out the coveted ABIA Award Wedding Videographer of the year. After two previous years of being bridesmaid (sorry for the pun!) we were honoured to accept this plaque as an appreciation of our dedication and hard work.

Award winning wedding videographer

We simply love what we do and our appreciation to the importance of capturing precious memories that we can retell in a creative manner. Sometimes we travel through life not understanding our important rolls on this Earth, I can honestly say I have found my roll. Thanks to my beautiful couples who ranked us as the ultimate Videographer, this plaque is a reflection of their trust and satisfaction in our service and product.


It doesn’t stop here for Allure, We will continue to strive for the best product possible, and that’s not for our satisfaction, but for you the couple. We’ll throw everything into your wedding including the kitchen sink, to ensure we capture your day in the way it should be remembered. Your wedding day is a reflection of you as individuals and ultimately as a couple.

Award winning wedding videography