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Wedding Video Melbourne ~ Allure Productions

When choosing your  wedding video studio you need to consider the attention to detail and quality, and understand the differences each studio brings to the table. Booking a wedding video is more than just comparing packages and pricing, ultimately what you pay for is what you get. Allure’s Films are different, its more than just vision and music or a glorified photo slide show. Our films are just that, ‘Short Films’ with your story told by your firends and family. Its fun, its emotional and entertaining, ‘Its Real!’

Allure’s videographers are story tellers and work diligently to create the  most unique Melbourne wedding videos with a natural approach of filming candidly. They understand the difference between light and shade, different shooting techniques, editing and post production processes, rest assured that your wedding video will sure be a hit.

Our skilled Melbourne wedding videographers will use only the best camera, audio and lighting equipment.  Wedding cinematograhy is what we are known for and thus all our wedding videos and filming techniques including, glide camera and camera sliders. Our shooting processes are discreet, and we always manage to get the best shots of the couple and the celebrations.

Wedding Video Packages

As a boutique wedding videography studio and based in Melbourne we love our personal approach to delivering your wedding. Meet with us in a comfortable environment to discuss your wedding plans and how we can help you remember them. We will show you sample of our work and style and then build packages that will deliver the highest, award winning quality in our Melbourne wedding video industry.

Prior to your wedding, we send you a online questionnaire asking a range of questions designed for us to understand your day inside out. We do this because we want your wedding video to reflect you and your day. We don’t want to miss any important aspects of your day. As the Scouts say, ‘be prepared’.

Our editing process is where the magic begins. Delivering not just a wedding music video but a wedding film of your wedding day. Narrated by the people that matter to you, your family and friends. The audio component of your wedding is what differentiates us from other wedding videography studios in Melbourne. We tell your story! And if you are not satisfied with the end product then we will make sure we get it right.

When finished, the Short story will be published to our website, and the finals published to DVD, Blu Ray  or the ever popular High Definition USB for your convenience.

As a boutique studio you deal directly with Michael or Angela, your videographers for wedding. To organise a personalised quote, just drop in for a chat, or call us to arrange a consult. We are available after hours for your convenience also . We’d love to discuss how you can have the best Melbourne wedding video.

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