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Wedding Films :: What Do We Offer

The new age of wedding videography has introduced a new term ‘Cinematography‘! What we offer are wedding films that are created using cinematic techniques of splendid vision with story telling. Every movie has a narrative and your wedding film is no different. This is our definition of Cinematography! Below is a description of the Edited versions we offer.

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The Different Edited Versions

Wedding video film Highlight Film: a Short 4 minute story crafted using the audio captured from your wedding day and delivering it with creative cinematic vision. A very popular product especially when it can be viewed online by family and friends all around the world.
Wedding Feature Film Feature Film: Your wedding day creatively edited to resemble a movie, hence the term ‘Feature’, as in feature film. A longer version of the Highlight film, this version can run up to 20 minutes long with entertaining credits to conclude. As with the Highlight Film, this Feature utilises the audio captured from your day. An entertaining insight of you the individual and as a couple.
Church Full Ceremony: Capturing your entire ceremony with multiple cameras (3-4 cameras) and multiple audio recorders. We dont want to miss a thing! Every angle is covered including reaction shots from your family and friends. The readings, vows and celebrant are all recorded clearly for your enjoyment. Without great audio we cannot build your amazing Highlight and Feature.
Speeches Full Speeches: Those memorable speeches that time will unfortunately dissolve in our memories. Again as with the ceremony recording, we run 3 cameras for your speeches. This allows us to produce a broadcast quality finish and switch between the cameras to capture reaction shots from the couple and your guests.
Reception The Reception: The reception edit is designed for couples who want to see a lot more, especially if there are cultural dancing and special entrances. As with the ceremony and speeches recording, we run multiple cameras and edit between those cameras to give you different angles of the Entrance, Waltz and Cultural dancing.