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Vimeo 2-35 Pic Julijana

Julijana & Olivier

We just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to you and Angela for our wedding video. You have no idea how perfect it is! I can imagine how much work went into editing the whole thing especially the Macedonian dancing so we really appreciate it. My mum watches it at least once a week and I'm not even exaggerating. All of our friends keep asking us who did our video! You and Angela have truly done a remarkable job and we're so lucky to have something so special that we can show our kids one day. So thank you 🙂 . Julz and Olly xx


Vanessa Caruana & Kristian Caruana

What can we say other than we were BLOWN away by the FANTASTIC job you've done. Not only did the film you created turn out exactly what we wanted by your professionalism and easy going nature made us feel at ease the entire day and leading up! We were so excited to have you on board for our wedding and i can say its exceeded expectations. I'd definitely be recommend to other couples who also want their day captured perfectly and wanting to relive it every-time we watch the video! Thank-you to the Allure team 🙂

Jessica & Adam - The Centre Ivanhoe - Allure Productions 13

Jessica & Adam

We just viewed our video and it is absolutely beautiful. We are very happy with it and cannot wait to share it with our family and friends...Cant wait for everyone to see the amazing job you did of capturing our day xxx THANK YOU SO MUCH you are amazing... xxx

Katie & Mitchell - ST Patricks Cathedral - Allure Productions 2

Kate & Mitchell

Thank you for everything yourself and your gorgeous wife Angela did for us leading up to and on the big day. Everyone told me it would be the best day of our lives and neither Mitchell or I believed it. But it was. And a lot of the ease of the day was because of you guys! I felt so relaxed and happy. You both were so kind and did all the work for us. At the end of the day my face was not even sore from smiling because it was all genuine 🙂 your endless amounts of moving people just so and telling me to relax and enjoy the moment made me stop and pause like seeing Mitchell and dad and the reactions you filmed to absolute perfection. It was all so genuine and I think you absolutely captured the moments of the day I completely missed or forgot or reminded me.

The short film still brings tears to my eyes watching it!

Rebecca & Ajmal - Abottsford Convent - Allure Productions 6

Rebecca & Ajmal

We were absolutely blown away by not only the professionalism (and friendliness!) of the Allure team, both leading up to and on our wedding day, but also by the amazing quality of the finished product! We could not be happier with our short film, which we received while still on our honeymoon. Can not thank you guys enough, we are so glad we chose Allure!

Sarah & Josh - Stones of the Yarra Valley - Allure Productions 24

Sarah Sawicki & Josh

Hi Michael & Ange,
WOW our video is truly amazing!!! it just felt like we were reliving our beautiful Wedding day again!

Thank you so much for all your help and assistance on the day you both went above and beyond to make sure everything was amazing!
We both loved working with you guys, you are so talented.
We will cherish this forever.
Thank you! Josh & Sarah 🙂

Stefani & Tyrone - Meadowbank - Allure Productions 7

Stefani & Tyrone

I just want to say thank you and your team very much for everything. The video, even though its just the 4 minute highlights, is everything and more than we both could have imagined. Thank you for being really patient with us on the day and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. By the way, we literally have been showing everyone and its made everyone laugh, cry and smile.


Carmen & Sean - Nathania Springs - Allure Productions 17-2

Carmen & Sean

When planning our wedding I knew I wanted a video, my husband was clear he did not, it was the biggest fight we had planning our wedding. To resolve this I secretly watched hundreds of wedding videos and booked Allure Productions, it was a quiet house for a couple of weeks once my secret was out. On the day Michael & Angela made sure everyone was relaxed and comfortable and made the whole process so fun, easy and painless. Since then my husband has commented on how he didn't even notice the camera, how much he loves our video and I even overheard him recommending a wedding video to friends, saying how thrilled he is we got one. He talks about how happy he is we could re-watch our speeches, ceremony and remember all the small details that went by so fast. Friends and family all comment on how professional and perfect the video is. Six months on I watch our highlights video all the time and it is the perfect way to feel better after a bad day. Booking Allure was the best decision I made planning my wedding.

Nathra & Burt - Quat Quatta - Allure Productions 15-3

Nathra & Burt

Thank you for capturing our day exactly as it was - crazy, hilarious and the most fun we've ever had! Michael, you're an absolute gun and we knew from the minute we saw your work that you were the one! Everyone is loving our highlight video but not as much as us, sitting in Amsterdam, half way across the world and watching it whenever we can get wifi! Now that's love! Thanks again, Nat & Burt Faraj xox

Danielle & Julian - Roselyn Court - Allure Productions 8-2

Danielle & Julian

OMG you are the best investment that we have ever made. I love it and I love the song. You have lived up and exceeded our expectations. Thank you so much for everything, you not only did a perfect job capturing the day you made it more fun and memorable. We love you and Angela!!

Deana & Anthony - Sky High Mt Dandenong - Allure Productions 11-2

Deana & Anthony –

OH MY GOSH i am lost for words.... I LOVEEEE IT Michael Dalla Rosa You are just SO talented!!! Thankyou thankyou thankyou!!!

Kate & Billy - Allure Productions 8

Kate & Billy

Omg it's amazing I cried the whole way through

Sarah & Andrew - Witchmount Estate Winery - Allure Productions 1

Sarah & Andrew –

Haha ok so picture this... My mum dad, Aunty, Uncle, Andrew and I all huddled together around the phone crying!!!! Absolutely A M A Z I N G !!!!! We love you Michael! Holly shit! Perfection! I'm going to watch it a million times

Therese and Mark - Sketch Docklands - Allure Productions 2

Mark & Therese –

Michael & Angela .. What can we say, u guys not only produced a piece of art to capture a glimpse of our perfect day, u guys were there as family and not once did we feel that u were at work .. U guys are awesome, such a talent and amazing energy.. We love you guys

Sketch Docklands Wedding

Erin & Brad - Ten Minutes By Tractor - Allure productions 20

Erin & Brad –

WOW!!! That is AMAZING!!! Thank you so so much 🙂 🙂  🙂 You have both captured our day and our story perfectly and it has been wonderful to watch it unfold again as the day went so fast for us. We absolutely love it!!! Erin is in tears again

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts

Brad and Erin xx

Jaime-Lee & Laeton - Mandala Yarra Valley - Allure Productions 14

Jamie-lee and Laeyton –

We love love love it! I've lost track of how many times I've watched already! And no joke had show and tell in the classroom as well! Haha you guys are the best!

Abby & Ankur - The Terrace - Allure Productions 13

Abby & Ankur –

Michael, you're an absolute genius. Awesome work! Saw the video with the whole familia today. You must have loved working with a great cast!!! Mate it was absolutely magical, and that's coming from a bloke. Thanks heaps for making me look fantastic, and Abby scrubbed up ok too!

Short Film.00_02_33_22.Still011

Sera & Nick –

Absolutely Amazing !! thank you so much for an amazing video we can't stop watching it xx

Jess & Denis - Cargo Hall - Allure Productions 2

Jess & Denis –

Michael, where do we start? A MASSIVE thank you to you and the team at Allure for perfectly capturing our wedding day on film. You are an absolute champion and we couldn't be happier with our video. We love it! Thanks for joining in with our antics and for carting those dam balloons! Cheers mate

Natalie & Chris - Maia Docklands - Allure Productions 1

Natalie & Christopher –

You're amazing! Thank you for making us shed some happy tears on our honeymoon lol!Thank You it's really beautiful, we love it. Xx

Victoria & Symon - Immerse Winery - Allure Productions 1

Victoria & Symon –

Hi Michael. I have just watched the video six times in a row and have cried everytime. The video is amazing!! Thanks again for the day - you brought a great energy and we couldn't have been happier. xx Tori ----

It's brilliant mate, Tori just watched it a heap of times and cried so much I'm now on the way to the hospital as she is dehydrated 🙂 ... Symon

Bronwyn & Jaime - Stones of the yarra Valley - Allure Productions 6

Bronwyn & Jaime –

Oh my gosh it's amazing we just watched it together and love it! You captured moments so well and got all of the important loved ones in it so well! Thank you again!

Marita & Lucas - Stones of the yarra Valley - Allure Productions 15

Marita & Lucas –

Wow! We are both utterly amazed at what you have done! It is perfect!! Thank you for capturing the day and putting together that beautiful video. It's just perfect!!

Danielle & Michael - Manor on High - Allure Productions 2-2

Danielle & Michael –

We absolutely love love love the short film & everyone we have showed has enjoyed it too. Even my dad cried (again) watching it so thank you so much.

Bonni & Quyn - Grand Hyatt - Allure Productions 4

Bonnie & Quyn –

We love our video, thank you so much for capturing all those moments and for making it look so good! We loved reliving the day through the video and it brought tears to our eyes.

Liz & Michael Maia Docklands - Allure productions 5

Liz & Michael –

Michael we love you so much!!!! Thank you so much that is just so much better than perfect!!! You're so amazing!

Sylvanna & Ibrahim Leonda by the Yarra - Allure Productions 16

Sylvanna & Ibrahim –

Thank you so much Michael! Love love love it!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Nicole & Glenn - Lakeside - Allure productions 3

Nicole & Glenn –

Michael!!!!!!! My mum and I are sitting here (she's hysterically crying) we are in awe of your work you are seriously AMAZING!!! - Nicole

Omg Michael your are a legend!! I love it!!! I'm at work in the lunch room watching it on my own lol almost about to cry Ahaha - Glenn

Brooke & Brad Stone of the Yarra Valley - Allure Productions 13

Brooke & Brad –

Wow! Thanks Michael. I'm speechless. Trying not to cry as I'm in the office 🙂

Jess & Shaun - Maia Docklands - Allure Productions 15-2

Jess & Shaun –

It's amazing! We love it!

Video thumbnail for vimeo video Kristine & Brendan :: Zinc Fed Square Wedding : Allure Productions - Wedding Video Melbourne, Films & Wedding Cinematography

Megan & James –

Michael you are unbelievable!!!! Wow you are talented!! I've never seen a better wedding video in my life!! So impressive!!!

Vanessa & Cale Eynesbury Homestead Allure Productions 5

Vanessa & Cale –

Omg that was so amazing!!  You have done a fantastic job thank you.... Seriously stop being awesome. That's was so good! Words can't explain how grateful we are. Your work is amazing and you guys are wonderful people. We can't stop watching it!!

Carla & Cameron Tatra Mt Dandenong Allure Productions 14

Carla & Cameron –

Thank you so much Michael, this video is amazing! Even brought a tear to my eye. I LOVE it!!!!

Melanie & Paolo - Melbourne Town Hall Wedding - Allure Productions 16

Melanie & Paolo –

It was an absolute delight to share our special day with Michael & his beautiful wife Angela. And that video.... OMG!! We and our friends and family have been watching it on loop since it was released. We all can't believe how amazing it is. In short, these guys are unparalleled cinematic genius. Don't go anywhere else!

Helen & David - Florian - Allure Productions 2

Helen & David –

And this is why Michael and his beautiful wife Angela from Allure Productions won the 2013 Australian Bridal Industry Award for best wedding videographer!! We looooove your work and could not thank you enough for not just an amazing clip but for being absolutely amazing to work with. Much love x

Sandra and Dean Sails by the bay Allure Productions 8

Sandra & Dean –

oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!! it is absolutely 100% perfect!

Arna & Anthony International Brighton Allure Production 5

Arna & Anthony –

Michael thank you so much it's absolutely amazing cried again lol

Kathleen & Dan The Barn - Allure Productions 7

Kathleen & Dan –

As a recently married gal, my one major piece of advice is ensure ALLURE are part of your day! x

Jennifer and Robert Stones of the Yarra Valley 3

Jenni & Rob –

Hi Michael, The perfect surprise was from you. We loved the video and can't ever thank you enough for capturing our first memory as a married couple. Your work is incredible and made us cry. We have watched it 100 times already. Rob and I treasured having you and John there as you made the process so easy! Our appreciation is endless and we are indebted to you. Thank you again. R&J Barker

Jenni & Dean Portsea Hotel Allure Productions 3

Jenny & Dean –

Absolutely love it Michael! Wow! I'm still crying! U are one talented man.

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