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If you have seen our samples page you’ll know by now our films are different.  Couples often come to us and tell us they just LOVE our work, they cyberstalk our clips and have cried watching them.  However it can be very hard to explain why. I’ll let you in on a few little secrets …

We Are Storytellers

The first element and probably the one that distinguishes us the most is our ability to tell a story.  The reason most people LOVE our wedding films  is they can identify with the couple, they feel as if they know who they are, what makes them tick.  Our clips are fun, entertaining and people are genuinely touched by what we produce and the stories told.

What Is A Story Without Narration

I’m sure you have looked around and seen a lot of different styles of work.  Many studios don’t add audio narration into their clips. For many of these studios, audio narration is time consuming and hard to get right.  It also adds a lot of work to the editing process.  However for us, the vision and audio work together to capture the laughter, tears, and joy that footage alone would never be able to.

Two Heads Are Better Then One

One or two shooters, that is your choice, however we like the freedom to get creative and as a single operator this can be difficult.  Having two heads is always better then one, and allows us to focus not only on the couple but reactions and the finer details of the day.  This means a lot more work in the editing studio but we feel the end product speaks for itself.

Lights, Camera, Action

The most hidden element of our work is lighting.  The difference between good footage and amazing footage is in the lighting.  We spend a  lot of time during your day ensuring we get this right and allowing the footage from your day to really pop from the screen. One, two or four cameras? We film with multiple cameras to capture multiple angles. Reaction shots are essential to emphasise the story and emotion.

A Wealth Of Knowledge

The sad thing about video is that anyone can pick up a camera and think they can film a wedding.  Just because you have an oven doesn’t mean you know how to bake cakes! you get the point :). Hovering over a photographers shoulder, might give you some nice images but it doesn’t capture your day. It will capture the day your photographer photographed, poses and all. Experience is everything and especially in this industry with many young shooters. Experience ensures we are two steps ahead, ensures the audio is clear, the visuals a gorgeous, the lighting is appropriate and all the one percenters that never gets noticed.

Quality VS Quantity

We enjoy being boutique!   To ensure the quality of our work is never compromised we only take a limited number of commissions each year.  We never wanted our couples to feel like a number, instead, we get to know you and understand your likes and dislikes.

Check out our packages page to see if your wedding month is still available for bookings.  If it is, give us a call or send us an enquiry and we can arrange a consult time at our Carlton Studio.  We really look forward to meeting you soon…


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